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COVID 19 deep cleaning service – How to disinfect yourself

We have been continuing to hear the Coronavirus deep cleaning, but what the deep cleaning means? Firstly deep cleaning is not any scientific term, it is likely means different thing for different people. UK disease control and prevention has been addressing some point. It is issued some of the guidelines of how to clean and disinfect residential houses after COVID -19 suspect to have on your home and it has been recommended to clean frequently touches surfaces. People must wash, disinfect house and office. And research indicates that the coronavirus has been spreading through respiratory droplets from people to people and some evidence indicates that most people are infected by touching infected surfaces. Infected surfaces could be doorknobs, handles, light switches, remote controls, and mobile screen. On plastic or steel surface, it can thrive for many days.

High touch surface to clean and disinfect-

  • COVID 19 Deep Cleaning Service are deluged with the request of deep cleaning and deep cleaning can be considered as hunting the dust mites and virus inside and behind furniture, cabinets, remove scum from showerheads and faucets, mopping floors, sweeping along baseboards, ceilings, and window frames. According to top cleaning company of the UK like maid Marion, we should recommend cleaning house and office annually.
  • CDC recommends that spraying surfaces with 70% alcohol liquid or bleach.
  • Deep cleaning is a very disruption work and it is completed at the weekend or overnight when the people are not present and chemical can be used and need the time to the carpet dry.

Some of the precautions you can follow-

  • Do not touch your faces like eye, nose and mouth.
  • Do not cough on your hands and to cover your mouth and nose with tissue paper or mask.
  • Keep some distance at least 1 meter from coughing or sneezing people
  • Wash your hands continue, again and again.

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